Bitumen pumps

Bitumen pumps
15 May, 2022

Pumps are actively used in industry for pumping aggressive media: chemicals, paints, varnishes, acids, solvents, oil products, etc.

Pump DS - 125 is bituminous and is used for pumping various organic substances in molten form. These include bitumen, tar, various modifications of mineral oils and tars.

The DS-125 bitumen pump has a cast-iron body, and gears are also made from it, which ensure reliable operation of the pump. The electric motor used for work has a power that ranges from 7.5 to 11 kW. And the output atmospheric pressure of the installation at the outlet is 6 atmospheres.

Characteristics of the bitumen pump DS -125:

• Pump type - gear;

• Material - cast iron;

• Productivity – at least 500 l/min;

• Shaft rotation - 450 rpm;

• Outlet pressure - 6 atmospheres;

• Working temperature of the heat carrier – 100-180 0C;

• Size - 415*410*512 (mm);

• Total weight - 128 kg.

The bitumen pump is used in asphalt mixing plants, in bitumen heating units, in bitumen storages, on bitumen trucks, asphalt distributors, soil mixing machines and road milling machines.

Description of bituminous installation DM-134.

The DS-134 bitumen pumping unit based on the DS-125 pump is designed for pumping organic viscous materials (bitumen of various grades, oils, tar, bitumen emulsions) with a viscosity of no more than 350 cSt and a temperature of no more than +250°C. The unit is a welded frame structure with a bitumen pump DS-125 installed on it, an asynchronous electric motor with a squirrel-cage AC rotor with a power of 7.5 or 11 kW (1500 rpm) of a general industrial or explosion-proof design, a single-stage cylindrical gearbox, interconnected by couplings.

Pumps for bitumen DS125 are used both in stationary installations (for example, at asphalt concrete plants) and in mobile bitumen trucks (for example, DS-41). Bitumen is non-explosive, but often an explosion-proof electric motor is needed according to the technical conditions of the room.

A properly selected pump is the key to a long and flawless production operation.