Petrol pumps

Petrol pumps
15 May, 2022

Gasoline pumps are designed for pumping liquids of varying degrees of pollution, as well as for pumping water from wells for autonomous water supply.

The component parts are:

centrifugal pump;

4-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine;

fuel tank;

shock absorbers;

Pumps of this class have small or medium power. The productivity does not exceed 2000 liters per minute, and the head height is not more than 8 meters, therefore it is used in work requiring appropriate capacities. The engine's operating mode is 1500 rpm, and the valves located in its upper part contribute to an increase in engine life. Most often, gasoline pumps are used for clean and slightly polluted water, however, there are models whose design feature is the presence of membrane pumps. This makes it possible to use them for viscous liquids.

Advantage of pumps:

Autonomy, i.e. independence of work from stationary power supplies; compactness; ease of operation; low price;

The service life depends not only on the quality of gasoline, but also on the timeliness of oil changes and regular maintenance, and the correct calculation of the required practical power is also important. This will require the following indicators. The total length, which is measured from the point of intake to the point of release. It is important to take into account the number of connections, which have different meanings depending on the type. So, for example, a bend angle of 45 degrees is 1.5 meters, 180 degrees is 2.5 meters, a T-adapter is 3 meters, etc. As well as the equivalent lift height, which is equal to the sum of the total height and 0.25% of the total length. These data are indicated in the technical data sheet of any manufacturer.

Types of petrol pumps:

Petrol pump 1XE 65-40-200-A-55

Petrol pump 5NKE 3x5x1

Petrol pump 6NGM 7x2

Petrol pump АВС-80 А ВС-80А(b/dv)

Petrol pump ANK 65/44

Gasoline pump ASVN - 80A

Gasoline pump ASVN-80 A SVN-80A(b/dv)

Gasoline pump ASCL - 00A

Gasoline pump ASCL 20-24 G

Gasoline pump ASCL 20-24

Gasoline pump ASCL 20-24 G

Gasoline pump ASCL 20-24 G STSL 20-24G (b/dv)

Gasoline pump ASCL-00 A STSL-00Ab/dv

Petrol pump VK 1/16 AB-2G

Petrol pump VK 5/24 AB-2G

Petrol pump VK 5/32 K-2G

Petrol pump VK 5/32 K-2G

Petrol pump KM 100-80-170

Petrol pump KM 100-80-170E

Petrol pump KM 40-32-160

Petrol pump KM 65-40-140

Petrol pump KM 65-40-140E

Petrol pump KM 65-50-165

Petrol pump KM 65-50-165E

Petrol pump KM 80-50-215

Petrol pump KM 80-50-215\200E

Petrol pump KM 80-65-140\160E

Petrol pump KM 80-65-165

Petrol pump NK 12/40 C (-30…+400)

Petrol pump NK 200/120 V1AsdNTU

Petrol pump STsN 75-70

Petrol pump TsN 160-112

Petrol pump TsSP - 57

Petrol pump TsSP - 57