On request, we can supply the following pumping equipment:

PROM-OKEAN ТМ LLC specializes in the supply of industrial pumps

By the following industries:

Intended for pumping clean water, condensate, light oil products, superheated water, liquefied gases, sewage, sea and fresh water, chemically active and neutral liquids, for domestic water supply :

      • for refineries
      • gas refineries
      • chemical
      • metallurgical enterprises
      • nuclear power plants and energy
      • cement plants
      • sugar factories
      • quarries
      • elevators
      • river, sea, airport
      • construction, repair
      • processors
      • shipbuilding, shipyards
      • Utilities
      • farm-reclamation, irrigation
      • pulp and paper
      • in other small industries

The main activity of the enterprise is the optimal selection, design services, technical advice on the modernization of physically and morally obsolete equipment, engineering, complete equipment, installation supervision, implementation, pumping equipment and electric motors for the above industries.

The company's quality management system allows us to offer products with a guarantee, high technical and operational characteristics. Product quality is determined not only by original design solutions, but also by advanced technologies.

ТМ LLC guarantees the quality of the supplied equipment, supplies enterprises with spare parts for the supplied equipment and offers competitive prices for the equipment sold.

The advantages of our company:

• Availability of own production facilities and storage facilities. Shipment is carried out from warehouses located in several regions of Ukraine.
• Shipment of equipment is carried out immediately after receipt of funds to our account.

• We provide services for the selection of the necessary equipment, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer.
• All products are warranted by manufacturers.

Products offered by the company are subjected to the following types of tests:

Currently, the company develops and offers a wide range of pumps, at the level of the world's best analogues. The products meet the high requirements for economy, environmental safety, reliability, and are maximally adapted to use.

In terms of use, requires minimal maintenance.

The company pays special attention to new developments, annually allocating large funds for these events, as well as to the development of foreign economic activity.

Our company supplies pumps for general industrial and special purposes.

We are dealers and partners of the following companies:

45 Experimental Mechanical Factory

Vinnitsa Aggregate Plant Group of Companies

LLC "Sumy Engineering Plant"

TOO "Tselingidromash"

PKP Azovenergomash LLC

SC Electroprecizia


We present you a short list of products:

Pumping equipment (Ukraine, Czech Republic)

      • Cantilever centrifugal pumps
      • Pumps
      • Vacuum pumps
      • Fecal centrifugal pumps
      • Chemical centrifugal pumps
      • Pumps for oil and petroleum products
      • Sea water pumps
      • Water pumps
      • Superheated water pumps
      • Liquefied gas pumps
      • Irrigation pumping stations
      • Monoblock pumps
      • Plunger diaphragm pumps
      • Vibrating pumps
      • Dual inlet centrifugal pumps
      • Feed pumps
      • Screw pumps
      • Gear pumps
      • Sealed pumps
      • Abrasive slurry pumps
      • Pumps for nuclear power plants
      • Condensate pumps
      • Waste pumps
      • Transformer oil pumps
      • Submersible pumps
      • Multistage (sectional) pumps
      • Rotary pumps

Electric motors (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany).

      • Electric motors for general industrial use
      • Crane motors
      • High voltage electric motors
      • Explosion-proof motors
      • DC motors
      • Special motors (roller table, etc.)

Electric motors can be manufactured according to the following standards: GOST, DIN

Electric motors can be in the following versions:

PROM-OKEAN ТМ LLC cooperates with many factories in CIS and Europe countries that produce high-quality equipment.


      • JSC Sumy Plant Nasosenergomash
      • PE "Krasnoarmeisky Foundry and Mechanical Plant"
      • Kyiv Drilling Equipment Plant LLC
      • TOV "VKP" Azovenergomash "
      • 45 Experimental Mechanical Factory
      • LLC "Kamensky Machine-Building Plant"
      • GK "Vinnitsa Aggregate Plant"
      • PP "Poltava livar-mechanical plant"
      • LLC "Trading house" UKRNASOSSERVICE "


      • JSC "Moldovahidromash"


      • VIPOM JSC


      • JSC "Plant Uzbekkhimmash"

Czech Republic



      • SIA "RINAR MAŠĪNBŪVE" / "RINAR mashinostroitel" formerly RIGAHIMMASH plant

All products are certified on the territory of Ukraine have certificates of conformity.

For more information about products and prices, you can call:

+38 (044) 232 39 65; +38 (048) 775 15 21; +38 (099) 645 38 77

Let's consider options for supplying equipment not included in this list.

Let's consider options for the supply of non-standard equipment according to the questionnaire.

On request, we can provide a catalog of PROM-OKEAN LLC

With uv. Director of PROM-OKEAN ТМ LLC